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Coming Soon !  - The Book 


A publication from BerlinWall.Art by Edward G. Murray


We are developing a book for publication in late Fall of 2017. The final “look” has yet to be set in concrete but one thing that we will try to include is a collection of quotes concerning the Berlin Wall. We feel that this will maintain the focus of the book on the images while providing some engaging text. We are sure that a multitude of quotes exists. Two from American presidents would be good examples.

Kennedy's famous, 'Ich bin ein Berliner” and Reagan's, “Tear down this Wall”. Both are iconic for their impact and delivery.

We are interested in those that are more everyday yet of equal impact in a narrower framework. I can't recall who it should be attributed to (please forward the information if you know) but there is one quote which describes the Berlin Wall as “the world's longest art canvas”.


Do you know a quote about the Berlin Wall?   Contribute!

We need your help in gathering information for the Book.


It is very important to include the quote and the attribution as well as the date and place. In short any relevant details that would help in giving the quote its context. To achieve these ends we are compiling a database for the quotes and providing a form for you to fill out so we can keep some organization to the effort.


If you know a memorable quote about the Berlin Wall complete as much as you can on this form. Contributors of selected quotes will be eligible for a drawing for signed copies of the book and/or published acknowledgement in the book.

The Quote
Submitter Details



berlinwall app3
The BerlinWallArt tours, The Wall Before The Fall, gives a view of the original Wall as it was and where it was in May of 1989. The 330 color images, are divided into four popular routes. These unique photos are geographically positioned in their original locations to provide a graphic experience of the Wall.
These tours allow you to bring the past into the present. The images are GPS located along the inlaid stone route that traces The Wall's former path through Berlin, and may be followed on the map in the App. For use outside Berlin the pictures remain viewable and locatable through the App. use of the maps and images together.


799px Available on the App Store black

The following tour routes are in the BerlinWallArt App:

Route I - Reichstag to Potsdamerplatz.
This tour route covers from the River Spree behind the Reichstag, (this area is sometimes secured), down Ebertstrasse past the Brandenburg Gate, next to the Tiergarten Park and the Holocaust Memorial, ending at the historic crossroads of Potsdamerplatz. Approx. 1.2 km ; 66 images

Route II- Potsdamerplatz to Checkpoint Charlie.
This tour route covers from historic Potsdamerplatz to the famous Checkpoint Charlie, the most well known of Allied Checkpoints. This route takes you on Stresemannstrasse, to Niederkirchnerstrasse, past the renowned exhibition space, Martin Gropius Bau (across from the Brandenburg Parliament), onto Zimmerstrasse where the tour terminates at Friedrichstrasse, Checkpoint Charlie. Approx. 0.6 km ; 76 images

Route III- Bernauerstrasse
This tour route goes along Bernauerstrasse which became infamous for the people who escaped by jumping from their windows into the arms of waiting West Berliners. At one end, by the SBahn station, Nordbahnof, lies the visitor center for the Berlin. Approx. 1.5 km ; 76 images

Route IV- Bethaniendamm
This tour route is in the heart of Kreuzberg, an active arts neighborhood of Berlin. This area covers Bethaniendamm from Köpernikerstrasse, through Mariannenplatz, Leuschnerdamm, and Waldermarstrasse culminating in the checkpoint at Heinrich-Hein-Strasse. This is where the most colorful and intricate art of the Wall is found. Approx. 1.5 km. ; 112 images

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